Kitchen Tile And Furniture

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Kitchen Tile And Furniture

There are amazing designs going into today's kitchens. Since this area of the home is used for entertaining as well as cooking, I spoke with Todd Gasior of Gasior's Furniture & Accessories on Route 206 in Belle Mead about how furniture is used in kitchens. Here's what Todd said.

“Frequently, kitchens open into a family room and people spend a lot of time in their kitchens and kitchen area. Convenience and comfort are part of kitchen design. Cooking is even sometimes part of entertaining. Here at Gasior's Furniture, that means we have to take durability and functionality into consideration as we help with design.”

“If you just think about kitchen islands, which are very popular, we begin to think about the stools that are placed along one or two sides of a kitchen island. First there is a style consideration. Is it a traditional kitchen? If it's a traditional kitchen we suggest hard wood stools with either wood seats or fabric seats. But we also have to look at the floor and island top. Is it a hardwood floor or is it tile? If it's a wooden floor we want to use stools that won't damage the wood. If it's a tile floor there is less concern about damage.”

(Darlene) “Todd, at A Step In Stone we think porcelain tile is a great choice for kitchen floors. Porcelain is made at very high kiln temperatures which strengthens and makes it very durable. These tiles require very little maintenance, that's why so many commercial buildings use it. It lasts for decades!”

(Todd) “Darlene, I'm always interested in materials. We work with designers and decorators who are often interested in mixing and matching traditional and contemporary style elements in one room –especially in a kitchen. A fabric stool seat can be treated so food and spills won't damage the upholstery. With fabric we can bring in whole other style notes.”

(Darlene) “Todd, porcelain tile plays right into what you're talking about. We offer an exclusive line of porcelain tile that looks like wood. When a designer wants to mix and match furniture to create a look and feel in the kitchen, or any other room, these new wood grained tile floors allow functional considerations to be part of the plan, but not force style considerations to go in only one direction. The manufacturer uses digital images of wood that are printed into the glaze and the way these tiles are used the seams are very tight , like in a wooden floor.”

(Todd) “Kitchen tables also have to be matched with other materials in the room, like the marble counters and tile backsplashes. We have a special line of wooden tables with catalyzed lacquer finishes that are very durable. It's kind of a specialty of Gasior's. You can put a sweating glass down on these tables and it won't leave a white ring on the finish. Kitchen furniture brings up all these special considerations.”

(Darlene) “When working with clients and decorators, I always start with the existing furniture. Knowing what is already in the room helps me select tiles that work best with the furniture. Recently we worked with a decorator who had a Moroccan style chair for a bathroom and we needed to find a tile that would compliment and enforce that Moroccan look. Here's what we all settled on.”

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